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Background music streaming licence for municipal activities

Delight your remote participants with background music – the Background Music Streaming Licence allows Gramex to offer publicly performed music to those participating in the municipality’s activities online as well.

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You can obtain this licence from our customer service. Once the order has been placed, our customer service will calculate the price based on the provided product information. You will receive price information from us, and the licence enters into force once you have accepted it. See pricelist.

Information about the licence

  • The background music streaming licence enables the on-site live streaming of background music from the municipal activities to remotely participating customers on behalf of Gramex
  • The licence enables occasionally remotely participation in the activities of the municipality, such as supervised activities of a school, care facility or daycare center managed by the municipality
  • The licence is intended for municipalities and the licence also requires a valid music in municipal activities licence
  • In addition, the municipality also needs a corresponding licence from Teosto to stream background music

Special conditions for the licence

  • Background music streaming must be done in real time (live). The licence does not cover making a recording of the live broadcast, nor showing it afterwards
  • Streaming of the activity must take place in a closed online environment, such as the website of the licence administrator or a separate remote meeting platform, such as Teams or Zoom
  • The licence does not cover transmission to the public via social media services such as Facebook, Instagram or YouTube
  • The number of participants in the online activity can be at most the same as the number of participants would be present, but still a maximum of 5,000 people
  • One broadcast may contain no more than 60 minutes of recorded music
  • The main focus of the activity must be on physical participation. Therefore, the licence cannot be used to licence activities which main focus or only use is in the online environment
  • The licence is intended for the streaming of background music to the public in Finland, and the it may not be used for classes broadcasted abroad

In addition to Gramex’s background music streaming licence, the municipality also needs a streaming licence from Teosto. If the coverage of Gramex’s licence is not enough, you have to apply for a licence directly from the rights owners, we recommend contacting the record label.

How the prices are determined

The licence is invoiced in connection with the invoicing of Music in municipality activities licence. The notice period for the licence is determined according to the valid background music licence.

Compensation is paid for the streaming licence, which is 20% of the background music compensation paid by the municipality. However, a minimum charge of 330,75€ per year (27,56 per month) is paid for the licence. The applicable value added tax is added to the prices.

Pricelist 2024

Price examples

Example A: Price of a Gramex background music licence in a municipality of 15,000 inhabitants:  1,662€ 
Gramex streaming licence price: minimum payment 330,75 € / year

Example B: Price of a Gramex background music licence in a municipality of 70,000 inhabitants: 7,742 € 
Gramex streaming licence price: Gramex streaming licence minimum price 1,548,4 € / year