Getting a licence

Music is a simple and effective way to set an atmosphere for your restaurant, shop or salon. When you buy a music licence, you can be sure you are using music legally and that the music authors and artists get compensated for their work.

How do I licence music for my restaurant, beauty salon or other business?

The simplest way to make sure you are using licenced music is to buy a licence from Musiikkiluvat. The licence covers several background music sources, such as radio, streaming services for companies, CDs, and television. There are different kinds of licences for different types and sizes of businesses, so you only pay for how you actually use music.

GT Musiikkiluvat Oy is owned by the Finnish copyright organizations, Gramex and Teosto, who direct the licence fees to the music makers, publishers, performers, and producers in Finland and abroad. Fees for both organizations are covered with one comprehensive licence.

Musiikkiluvat has a lot of knowledge on how to use music in building a brand, creating the right kind of atmosphere, and boosting sales. You can utilize this expertise and gain tips on selecting the right kind of music for your business.

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How much does a music licence cost in Finland?

The fee and the type of licence you need are based on your industry and how you use music. The surface area or the number of customers is also taken into account.

Here are a few examples of the fees:

  • A beauty salon, 50m²: Background music 29,53 €/month + VAT
  • Restaurant, 24 seats: Background music, no DJ or live music 37,24 €/month + VAT
  • Retail store, 150m²: Background music 46,36 €/month + VAT

The licences are flexible to suit different kinds of needs. For example, if you have a terrace in your restaurant that you only use during the summer months, you pay the additional fee only for the months your terrace is in use. One licence also covers the entire establishment. So, for example, if several entrepreneurs are working in the same hair salon, everyone doesn’t have to get their own licence.

You can buy the licence for a minimum of one month. The fee is tax-deductible, and it covers compensation for the two copyright organizations, Teosto and Gramex, who distribute the payments to the rights holders.

Where do I buy a music licence for my business?

We at Musiikkiluvat are here to assist you with all your music needs. We help you select the right kind of licence and give you valuable tips on using music to set the atmosphere and increase sales.

If you want to buy a licence or learn more about using music to boost your business, contact our customer service!

You can also buy and manage your music licences online.

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