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We help you in choosing the right licence and in practical questions related to music licences. Start by checking whether you should contact our customer service (for background music licences) or, for example, Teosto directly (event licences).

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Should you have any questions about music licences or other questions or comments regarding our services, contact us by filling in our contact form. The messages will be processed in order of arrival. In urgent matters, you can reach us by telephone on: 030 6705 030.

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Manage your licences by logging in to MyLicence

The easiest way to manage your music licences is to log in to MyLicence. Once you have purchased a licence, we will email you a link to activate your account on MyLicence. On MyLicence, you can: check your existing licences, update your billing and customer details, purchase a licence to use background music and licences for music reproduction and for using songs downloaded online, check the prices of the licence products and contact us and provide feedback

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Check the list below for who you need to contact in order to get the licence you need.

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