About us

Through Gramex and Teosto, we distribute the collected licence fees in full to music authors and performers. In addition to the licence sales, we help businesses of all sizes to enjoy the benefits of well-known music.

GT Musiikkiluvat – What and Why

Before GT Musiikkiluvat was founded background music licences were sold by two different copyright organisations, meaning that the companies using background music had to pay two fees: one for Gramex and one for Teosto. In 2016, the Finnish copyright organisations Gramex and Teosto founded GT Musiikkiluvat to make it easier and simpler for businesses to purchase and manage their background music licences. By being in charge of the background music licences for both of the copyright organisations, we help our customers get all the required licences for background music, and the answers to their related questions – all conveniently in one place. In addition to selling licences, we help companies to tap into the potential of well-known music in their business by presenting to them the numerous benefits of music. We believe that background music has a positive impact on both the customers and the staff: background music helps create a new kind of vibe for the business ensuring customer and staff satisfaction.

Our Mission at Musiikkiluvat

At GT Musiikkiluvat, we have two main missions: selling background music licences and promoting the use of well-known music.

We sell the statutory music licences required for public performance to companies using music, and we deliver the collected fees through the copyright organisations to music authors, performers, producers, and publishers. We distribute the collected fees in full to Gramex and Teosto and together with the copyright organisations, we do our best to secure the future of the professional music industry.

For more information on background music licences, please refer to the “Do I Need a Licence” page.

We want to help companies of all sizes to improve their brand experience and customer satisfaction with background music, bringing about a new way of positively influencing customer behaviour. Our goal is to make every company in Finland aware of the various possibilities of music.

GT Musiikkiluvat offers help and advice on choosing the right kind of background music, as well as research on the positive effects of music on business.

Sell with emotion

Music sparks emotions: music touches you and lifts your mood. With well-known music, you can create a unique customer experience, increase sales, and bring about an atmosphere both your staff and customers enjoy. By using well-known music, you add emotion to your business – and it is always emotion that sells the most.

If you want to know how to reap the benefits of using well-known music in your own business, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to help you boost your business with music!