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Reproduction licence for a venue

The consumer’s free right to copy music is limited to purely private use, so a reproduction licence is always required for using recorded music as background music. Music purchased from music stores intended for private use cannot be played in public spaces without a reproduction licence. Recording licences for copying music for public performance can be obtained from Musiikkiluvat Oy.

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The reproduction licences for audio and audiovisual productions (films, commercials, TV shows, etc.) are granted by NCB and Gramex (audiovisual only).

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Information about the licence

  • The licence allows the customer to copy or download music in a specified venue for public performance.
  • The licence allows the copying of recordings published for commercial purposes onto another recording used for public performance
  • The licence also includes the right, contrary to the purchasing conditions, to publicly perform tracks purchased on online stores intended for private use
  • The licence does not cover public performance: the venue must be in possession of valid Gramex and Teosto public performance licences
  • The licence does not entitle the selling of commercial recordings or audiovisual productions (films, commercials, TV programs, etc.). Licences for audio and audiovisual productions should be applied for from NCB ( and Gramex (, in the case of audiovisual productions
  • The licence is venue specific and covers the venue identified by the customer.
  • A company with several venues needs its own separate recording and music usage licence for each venue
  • The billing cycle is selected when purchasing a license, and it can be annual, semi-annual or quarterly
  • The licence is valid until further notice and the notice period for the licence is one month

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