Special terms and conditions: Background music in a cinema

If the customer has chosen only the license of rightholders represented by Teosto or Gramex at the time of concluding this agreement, the agreement shall cover only those rights. 

By this music usage license agreement, GT Music Licenses Ltd agrees, as assigned by Gramex, on the compensation as set out in section 47 of the Finnish Copyright Act relating to the public performance of phonograms. 

By this usage license agreement, the customer: 

  • agrees with Gramex on the compensation payable to performing artists and producers of phonograms for the public performance of the phonograms as background music in cinemas. 

A cinema refers to the cinema auditorium, the waiting area in the immediate proximity of the auditorium and the cinema lobby. 

A separate license is required to cover cafeterias, stores, restaurants and equivalent facilities in the cinema. 

The license is venue-specific. 

In addition to these special conditions, the general terms and conditions of GT Music Licences Ltd shall be applied.