Special terms and conditions: DJ licence

By this music usage license agreement, GT Musiikkiluvat Oy grants, as assigned by Teosto and Gramex, the right to reproduce the works of rightholders represented by Teosto at a given time for use in DJ production and the right to reproduce the recordings of the performing artists and the producers of the recordings represented by Gramex at a given time for use in DJ production. This music usage license agreement also extends the licenses of recordings and works reproduced for private use to apply to their public use in DJ production.

By this usage license agreement, the customer:

  • obtains from Teosto the non-exclusive right, in respect of the works protected under the Finnish Copyright Act and represented by Teosto at a given time:
  • to reproduce works for use in DJ production and
  • to use the reproduced works meant for private use in DJ production.

  • obtains from Gramex the non-exclusive right on behalf of its represented rightholders:
  • to reproduce recordings for use in DJ production, and
  • to use the recordings acquired for private use in DJ production.

The rights granted only apply to works and recordings originating from a legal source. The rights granted are valid in Finland within the scope and limitations provided by this license. The license is granted to a named individual or a private person acting in the name of a legal person. The license granted is personal and it or the recordings made on the basis of it may not be transferred to another individual or a legal person unless otherwise expressly agreed. The reproduction of works or recordings may not be performed by a third party without prior consent of Teosto and Gramex. The works and recordings may be used according to these licensing terms at one venue and one event at a time.

The licenses granted do not apply to streaming services. On the basis of the license, the customer does not have the right to adapt works or recordings. The license and the compensation payable on it do not cover the public performance of the works or recordings to an audience.

After the expiry of the license for any reason, the customer no longer has the right to reproduce or use the works and recordings reproduced for private use in DJ production according to these terms and conditions.

In addition to these special conditions, the contractual terms and conditions of GT Musiikkiluvat Oy apply.