Special terms and conditions: Music in cinema operations

If, upon conclusion of the agreement, the customer has chosen a licence solely for the works of rightholders represented by Teosto or Gramex, this agreement applies to those rights only.

With this music licence agreement, GT Music Licences Ltd grants Teosto a licence for the public performance of music by cinema operators who are not members of the Finnish Cinema Association (SEOL) as background music in their operations.

With this usage licence agreement, the customer:

• obtains from Teosto a non-exclusive right to stream works protected under the Copyright Act and represented by Teosto, in accordance with the terms and conditions of the licence.

• agrees with Gramex on the compensation paid to the performers and producers of the phonograms for streaming the phonograms to an audience according to the terms and conditions of the licence.

“Customer” refers to a person who has the opportunity to participate in the activities organised in the client-facing space on the basis of a customer relationship, membership or similar relationship and who participates in the activities mainly physically on site and only occasionally online.

Streaming of the recordings to an audience shall take place in a closed online environment, on a website or other platform managed by the licence holder where access to the streamed content is restricted to the licence holder’s customers only. Platforms covered by the licence are listed on the GT Music Licences website. However, the licence does not cover the streaming of recordings to an audience via social media platforms (e.g. Facebook, Instagram, YouTube).

The maximum number of recipients of the content is 5,000 people per streaming event. A maximum of 60 minutes of recorded music can be played during one streaming event. A maximum of two pieces of music can be played from the same artist or band during one streaming event.

This licence is experimental and available for now. GT Musiikkiluvat has the right to amend, remove and add conditions applicable to the licence by notifying the licence holder five weeks in advance.

This licence is applicable to streaming music to an audience in Finland. The licence holder must prevent the stream from being accessed by users in countries not covered by the licence.

In addition to these special terms and conditions, the general terms and conditions of GT Music Licences Ltd apply.