Find information about licences and the use of music

Hotels and accommodations

If the hotel or accommodation establishment offers its customers equipment that can be used to play music, they need a music licence. A licence is also needed if music is played in public spaces. Restaurants in hotels and hostels also need a separate licence for using background music.

Sports facilites

Inspiring and motivating background music creates the right feeling at the gym!

DJ licences

Music creates an atmosphere, entertains your customers and boosts your business. By buying a music licence, you can use the music your customers love and make sure that the musicians are compensated for their work.

Stores, beauty salons

With background music, you can create the atmosphere you want in your store or salon and delight your customers and staff with their favorite songs. By obtaining a music licence, you guarantee that music authors and performing artist get the compensation they deserve for their work.

Restaurants, cafes and pubs

Whether you play music from a computer, internet radio, CD or a jukebox, background music in your restaurant can improve the customer experience and create an atmosphere that your customers and staff enjoy. Background music creates an atmosphere that makes the customers stay longer and return back!

Customer service

We help you in choosing the right licence and in practical questions related to music licences. Start by checking whether you should contact our customer service (for background music licences) or, for example, Teosto directly (event licences).

Background music streaming licence for congregational activities

Delight your remote participants with background music – the Background Music Streaming Licence allows Gramex to offer publicly performed music to those participating in the congregational activities online as well.