About Us

GT Musiikkiluvat Oy is a joint venture founded in 2016 by Gramex and Teosto, responsible for the sales, marketing, billing and customer service for the background music licences of these copyright organisations. We are managed by a CEO and a board consisting of a chairperson and three members nominated by the owners. Gramex and Teosto each own half of the joint venture.


Our Mission

The mission of GT Musiikkiluvat Oy is to sell music licences and distribute the collected fees through the copyright organisations to those whom they rightly belong: music authors, performing artists, producers and publishers. We are responsible for distributing the licence fees in full to Gramex and Teosto, without wanting to make a profit. Musiikkiluvat is also promoting the use of background music. We want to help entrepreneurs and companies of all sizes to enhance their customer experience and comfort with background music, introducing a new way for the business to positively influence the customer behaviour.

Decorate your business with music

Music sparks emotions: music touches you and lifts your mood. With well-known music, you can create a unique customer experience, increase sales and promote the desired image of your company. Background music releases the best emotional memories, and it is emotion that always sells the most. Sell with emotion = sell more!

If you are interested to hear how you can tap the potential of music in your own business, do not hesitate to contact us.