The taxi cars near the Station at night

5 reasons to play music in a taxi

The taxi cars near the Station at night
Background music is an excellent way of distinguishing yourself from the competition and improving passenger comfort.

Acquiring a Background music in a taxi license meant for organized taxi business is quick and easy, and after getting one you can begin enjoying the following benefits of background music:

1. Music makes your customers comfortable. Music has been scientifically established to affect the mood of listeners, even if they are not paying conscious attention to the music. This means that music improves the mood of customers and leaves them with a positive impression of the trip.

2. Music makes time go by faster. When a customer hears music, it makes it seem like time is passing faster. Music also makes waiting more pleasant, in heavy traffic for example.

3. Music can be used to control the atmosphere. Slow-tempo, peaceful music creates a relaxing atmosphere, whereas up-tempo music creates a happy mood. This means that you can influence the atmosphere of the trip with music selections.

4. Music makes work more pleasant. Music is not a benefit for customers only. According studies, listening to music while working grants various benefits. It maintains a positive and relaxed mood, but can also improve your attentiveness.

5. Music drowns out disturbing noise. Noises generated by traffic can create an unpleasant impression and reduce occupational well-being. Music can be used to drown out traffic noise and create a pleasant atmosphere in the car.

The Background music in a taxi license includes both Teosto and Gramex payments. The price of the license is determined according to the number of taxis, and the monthly fee for one taxi is only €6.98 plus currently valid value-added tax. The music permit covers listening to the radio, CDs, or even cassettes in the taxi. More information about the license is available on the page Background music in a taxi.

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