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Music makes people move – this is how Puotila Manor attracts new customers with diverse music

Puotila Manor - Helsinki
Music – both background music and live performances – are an important part of the Puotila Manor operations.

CEO Tanja Löppönen knows that music increases sales and brings in new customers. In this story, she talks about how music is used in the different rooms and events at Puotila.

Puotila Manor lands have been in recreational use since the 1700s. Located in East Helsinki, the manor offers a diverse range of restaurant and festival services as well as regular events, including live concerts and stand-up comedy shows. 

Background music plays an important part especially in the restaurant business, both in terms of atmosphere and building company brands.

– Music is important for us. It is part of our business and many of our members of staff are also involved with music in one way or another. For example, many of us participate in the creation of playlists, says Puotila Manor CEO and restaurateur Tanja Löppönen.

Diverse operations require situational music

The manor lands provide versatile opportunities and lovely scenery for a restaurant business and arranging events. The manor serves lunch during the day, and the caretaker’s house Svenkka serves a pub menu and drinks in the evenings. 

In the summer season, the manor yard and large terrace hold events of all kinds: from dance theater to Midsummer dances and concerts by Finnish top artists as well as shows for children. 

Different events of course require different kinds of background music and atmospheres. 

– During lunch, the music is more in the background, whereas in Svenkka the music is a big part of the mood, basically whenever the pub is open. During event nights we usually have a DJ performing both before and after the main event, Tanja says. 

In addition to improving the mood, music has a concrete impact as well: it has been proven to increase sales. 

– On show evenings in particular it is clear that a DJ playing the right music and keeping up the right mood clearly improves sales. The DJ will play outside for as long as possible; we must turn down the music at 10 p.m. because of the nearby housing.

Putting together playlists for a restaurant: creativity is key

So, how are the restaurant and pub playlists constructed? Puotila Manor puts to use their creativity and the ideas had by the entire staff. Ready-made genre-based playlists are in use especially during rush hours, but they also want to consider the situation and the wanted mood when using music.

– In Svenkka in particular we play music by feeling: according to the weather, the outdoor events, and even the customers. The surroundings make it suitable for roots and country music in particular, but we sometimes play disco or even nostalgic Finnish music. 

– We had plenty of skiers here in the winter, and relaxed jazz fits all the snow quite well. 

Where can a busy entrepreneur get ideas for the used background music? From all over.

– I listen to the radio a lot, both in the car and at home. Radio play provides ideas and I also look for new songs and artists from streaming service playlists, Tanja explains. 

– Another source of inspiration is movie music, soundtracks, and music from different decades. For example, there are new versions being released of familiar 80s and 90s hits, and classics from the 40s, 50s, and 60s are playable for different kinds of moods.

Tanja Löppönen - the CEO of Puotila Manor

Tanja Löppönen is the CEO of Puotila Manor

Commitment and dedication yield rewards – even when it comes to using music

Music is an excellent opportunity for restaurants, and it gets the customers going too. In Tanja’s experience, restaurant entrepreneurs should consider offering live music and other events to support their food and drink products. 

– If the restaurant’s business idea is not completely driven by food or the chef, it is worthwhile to round out the package with contents that work together with the menu; something to stand out from the local competition. Being event-driven also means that we always have something to tell our customers and those just passing through, Tanja explains. 

– It is worthwhile to also think about how customers spend their budgets for the evening. For example, we often do not charge for access even if there is a show, because we know that customers are willing to spend more on food and drink on such nights. Ticket sales of course help with estimating the number of people attending, but it requires effort to arrange. 

The most important thing after all is having regular events and letting the customer know that they can expect experiences and entertainment when they come in. It is a long-term game to build a reputation, but it is profitable when it succeeds. 

– Previously, when we were putting together a program concept for at my earlier job, I was told something by musician Tuure Kilpeläinen that I have not forgotten, Tanja recalls.

– He said that if you are going to incorporate music and events into your restaurant concept, you need to both promise and deliver. There have to be frequent gigs and shows to establish and gradually grow a reputation. 

– The customers might not come in at first, but after months or years of dedication customers will learn to come in looking for big experiences, and they will spread the word too. 

– Combining music and events in a restaurant concept comes very naturally to me. We are glad that both customers and artists have found us.

Musiikkiluvat customer stories explains the uses of background music in business

Musiikkiluvat customer stories presents some of our customers in various industries and asks questions about music use habits and the importance of music at work and in everyday life. Read more about the benefits of background music for entrepreneurs – more experiences of music licences and using background music can be found here.

About background music licences for restaurants

A Background music in a restaurant licence is required if a bar, pub, restaurant, coffee shop, or nightclub uses music in rooms that are accessible to customers.

The licence covers playing recorded music (e.g. on a TV, radio, computer, online radio, CD, and public streaming services). Live music licence must still be acquired directly from Teosto.

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