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DJ licence

The DJ licence covers the reproduction of music by DJs.

Read the product’s special terms and conditions.

If you need a temporary licence, please contact our customer service. You cannot buy a temporary licence from our online store.

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Information about the licence

  • The DJ licence covers the reproduction of music by DJs
  • The license also contains the right to use works acquired for private use from online music stores for public presentation contrary to the terms of purchasing.
  • However, the license does not cover the public performance; the place of performance must have valid performance licenses from Gramex and Teosto.
  • The DJ license is suitable for DJs who perform regularly and the license covers unlimited reproduction of music in DJ activities for a year at a time
  • The licence is personal
  • The billing cycle is selected when purchasing the license and can be annual, semi-annual or quarterly
  • The licence is valid until further notice and the notice period for the licence is one month

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