Legs of a dancing couple on the wooden floor of the outdoor dance floor.

Music in a dance pavilion

Music creates an atmosphere, entertains your customers and boosts your business. By buying a music licence, you can use the music your customers love and make sure that the musicians are compensated for their work.

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You can obtain this licence from our customer service. Once the order has been placed, our customer service will calculate the price based on the provided product information. You will receive price information from us, and the licence enters into force once you have accepted it. See pricelist.


Information about the licence

  • The licence covers the performance of phonograms (e.g. TV, radio, computer, CD and streaming services suitable for public use) in a dance pavilion as granted by Gramex.
  • A music usage licence granted by Teosto is also required.
  • The licence is venue specific
  • The price of the licence is determined by the actual number of audience members. The price is also affected by the importance of the music at the event, as well as whether there is an entrance fee to the event
  • The customer informs us of their music usage in the MyLicence service, after which the invoice is created based on the information provided by the customer

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