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Music in an educational establishment

The music in an educational establishment licence covers the public performance of phonograms at an educational establishment.

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If you need a temporary licence, please contact our customer service. You cannot buy a temporary licence from our online store.

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Information about the licence

  • The licence covers the public performance of phonograms (e.g. TV, radio, computer, CD and streaming services suitable for public use) at an educational establishment.
  • With this licence, the use of music is licensed e.g. in universities, private educational institutions, various art schools, music schools, language schools, Christian schools, etc.
  • The licence also covers any events organized by educational establishments that are not in competition with commercial operators
  • To organize events, concerts, etc., the educational institution needs a separate event licence from Teosto
  • Dance teaching is licensed by the License for the use of music in instructed sports
  • The licence is venue specific
  • The price of the licence is determined by the number of students
  • The billing cycle is selected when purchasing a licence, and it can be annual, semi-annual or quarterly
  • The licence is valid until further notice and the notice period for the licence is one month

Pricelist 2024

Background music streaming licence for educational establishments

Information about the licence

  • The background music streaming licence enables the on-site live streaming of background music from the educational institution to remotely participating students, their parents and staff on behalf of Gramex
  • Livestreamed activity means that students can participate either on site or remotely if they wish. So, the class is not only held online, but also physically at the educational institution

Special conditions for the licence

  • Background music streaming must be done in real time (live). The licence does not cover making a recording of the live broadcast, nor showing it afterwards
  • Streaming of the activity must take place in a closed online environment, such as the website of the licence administrator or a separate remote meeting platform, such as Teams or Zoom
  • The licence does not cover transmission to the public via social media services such as Facebook, Instagram or YouTube
  • The number of participants in the online activity can be at most the same as the number of participants would be present
  • One class may contain no more than 60 minutes of recorded music
  • The main focus of the activity must be on physical participation. Therefore, the licence cannot be used to licence activities which main focus or only use is in the online environment
  • If the educational institution has classes in several locations, a streaming licence is required for all locations
  • The licence is intended for the streaming of background music to the public in Finland, and the it may not be used for classes broadcasted abroad

In addition to Gramex’s background music streaming licence, the educational institution also needs a streaming licence from Teosto.

If the coverage of Gramex’s licence is not enough, you have to apply for a licence directly from the rights owners, we recommend contacting the record company.

Price 2024

  • Gramex: 20% of the price of the background music licence, minimum payment 330,75 € / year