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Music in call center services

The music in call center services licence covers the performance of queue music in the Call center services.

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You can obtain this licence from our customer service. Once the order has been placed, our customer service will calculate the price based on the provided product information. You will receive price information from us, and the licence enters into force once you have accepted it. See pricelist.

Information about the licence

  • The licence covers the performance of queue music in the Call center services
  • The licence is meant for parties providing call center, contact center and help desk services and/or outsourced telephone switch services or business center services
  • The licence covers the compensation for the performance of music and the reproduction of music for the telephone system.
  • The price of the licence is determined on the basis of the music minutes used in the queue music service during a year
  • The licence is company specific
  • The billing cycle is selected when purchasing a licence, and it can be annual, semi-annual or quarterly
  • The licence is valid until further notice and the notice period for the licence is one month

Note. The license does not cover the queue music performed in a company’s own telephone switch. For that, a Phone queue music licence is required

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