Special conditions: Reproduction licence, personal 

If the customer has at the time of signing the agreement chosen only the licence of the right holders represented by Teosto/NCB or Gramex, this agreement shall only cover those rights.

With this music usage licence agreement, GT Musiikkiluvat grants, as assigned by Teosto/NCB and Gramex, the licence to copy or download recordings.

With this usage licence agreement, the customer will:

  • be granted by Gramex a non-exclusive permission to download or copy commercially published recordings for use, as well as to publicly perform the recordings / recording usage rights acquired for private use
  • be granted by Teosto/NCB, concerning the works it currently represents, a non-exclusive permission to download and copy the works for use, as well as to publicly perform the downloaded works meant for private use

The licence is customer specific.

If, in the context of the customer operations, there is more than one user simultaneously using recordings made under this licence for public performance, each user must have a separate reproduction licence.

The reproduction licence entitles the user to perform the recordings made under it only in one venue at a time.

It is not allowed to have a third party download or copy the recordings. 

The licence does not permit the copying or downloading of the works or recordings, or the performance of the recordings in commercials, in ways or in occasions that violate the moral rights defined in the Finnish Copyright Act.

After the expiry of the licence, any reproductions made under it shall not be used in the purposes stated in this licence.

In addition to these special conditions, GT Musiikkiluvat Oy general terms of agreement apply.