Special terms and conditions: Background music in accommodation facilities

If, upon conclusion of the agreement, the customer has chosen a licence solely for the works of rights holders represented by Teosto or Gramex, this agreement applies to those rights only.

By this music license agreement, GT Musiikkiluvat Oy grants, as assigned by Teosto and Gramex, the license to public performance of music as background music and agrees on the compensation as set out in section 47 of the Finnish Copyright Act.

By this license agreement, the customer:

  • obtains from Teosto the non-exclusive right to use works protected under the Finnish Copyright Act and represented by Teosto at a time for public performance of music as background music in accommodation facilities
  • agrees with Gramex on the compensation payable to performing artists and phonogram producer for the public performance of the phonograms in accommodation facilities.

The license covers the public performance of music as phonogram music in the customer’s accommodation facilities (hotel and hostel rooms, holiday cottages, timeshares and other corresponding accommodation facilities), including such public premises that lead to the accommodation facilities (such as lobbies, hallways to the rooms, however, not the premises meant for the use of the personnel). The license is venue specific.  

In addition to these special terms and conditions, the general terms and conditions of GT Musiikkiluvat Oy apply.