Special terms and conditions: Reproduction permission, bound to piece

If the customer has chosen only the license of rightsholders represented by Teosto or Gramex at the time of concluding this agreement, the agreement shall cover only those rights. With this music usage license agreement, GT Music Licences Ltd grants, as assigned by Gramex, the license to reproduce phonograms.

With this usage license agreement, the customer: obtains from Gramex the non-exclusive right to reproduce commercially published phonograms for public performance as well as to use the phonograms/licenses acquired for private use for public performance.

The license covers the reproduction of music. The license also contains the right to use works acquired for private use from online music stores for public presentation contrary to the terms of purchasing. However, the license does not cover the public performance; the venue must have valid performance licenses from Gramex and Teosto. The license does not depend on the line of business.

The license is customer-specific and on the basis of it the reproduced and named phonogram tracks may be used for an unlimited time for the above mentioned purpose. If, in connection with the operations carried out by the customer, more users simultaneously use the phonograms made on the basis of this license for public performance, each user must have a reproduction license.

The reproduction license entitles to the performance of phonograms made on the basis of it simultaneously only in one venue. The reproduction of phonograms may not be performed by a third party.

The license does not permit the reproduction of works or phonograms or the performance of phonograms in commercials or in a manner or connection in violation of the moral rights defined in the Finnish Copyright Act.

In addition to these special conditions, the general terms and conditions of GT Music Licences Ltd apply.