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Music licence prices 2024.

DJ licence and recording music: 11 frequently asked questions

Can songs bought online be played at DJ gigs? What kind of a music licence is required for a DJ playing music from hard drives? How are public performance royalties paid out to the correct recipients?

Music makes people move – this is how Puotila Manor attracts new customers with diverse music

Music – both background music and live performances – are an important part of the Puotila Manor operations.

5 reasons to play music in a taxi

Background music is an excellent way of distinguishing yourself from the competition and improving passenger comfort.

Music creates the right training feeling – how to choose the right music for your gym or other exercise business

Music and exercise go together. Music is an immensely important part of the training experience, whether your own workout or the creation of a competitive atmosphere.

Responsibility creates a competitive advantage on the taxi market

Cabonline Finland Oy CEO Teemu Romppanen believes that societal responsibility will be an even bigger competitive advantage for businesses in the future. Taking care of music licenses is one way of showing that such responsibility is accepted.

Co-operative retailer Osuuskauppa Maakunta listens to feedback – and therefore also to familiar music

Listening to feedback is a value that led Osuuskauppa Maakunta back to using known background music.

Familiar music is an important mood maker – for both the customers and employees of this salon franchise

The international barber and hairdresser franchise Cutters tried a library music playlist service at their salons.

Music takes hairdressers and beauty salons to success

Would you like to make your hairdresser salon customers feel better, buy more, and come back again? Invest in background music, because it will set the right mood.