Hands of barber are washing the woman hair in the beauty salon.

Music takes hairdressers and beauty salons to success

Hands of barber are washing the woman hair in the beauty salon.
Would you like to make your hairdresser salon customers feel better, buy more, and come back again? Invest in background music, because it will set the right mood.

Going to a hairdresser and beauty salon is a complete experience that is affected not only by the service, but the setting as well: decorations and the soundscape. This is why it is great that almost all hairdresser entrepreneurs delight their customers with background music. 

Music can make a lasting impression on a customer. Background music makes it possible to create just the right mood for your hairdresser salon – surely you would want that your salon not only looks good, but sounds and feels fine as well.

Carefully selected background music at a hairdresser – case Tukkatalo

Carefully selected background can do much more than just drown out unwanted noise. The Helsinki-based hairdresser-salon Tukkatalo has been investing in background music for a long time. 

The right kind of music will affect the entire team, creating a positive atmosphere and good energy. The music selections will also support the customer experience for various services: the style and genre of the music is determined not only by services, but by the day of the week and the time of day as well.

Cutters trusts known music

There are all kinds of music on offer for barbershops and hairdresser salons. Operating in six locations, the salon franchise Cutters tried library music, but went back to playing background music known by the customers and staff. Cutters playlists are made by a specialist service provider as a turnkey service, so all salons are sure to play music that is line with the business brand. 

“The best thing is that there are all kinds of playlists, from “hits only” to r’n’b focused and even Christmas music”, says Karri Niinivaara from Cutters.

Beauty salon Blue Lagoon complements their services with background music

Established in 2006, the beauty salon Blue Lagoon plays upbeat, lounge-style music, which suits many tastes – and of course the brand and atmosphere of the salon. 

The music is chosen from different playlists according to the service bought by the customer, and the cosmetologists doing the treatments use mobile devices and a Bluetooth speaker to play it. The shop managers design the background music but the playlists are made according to customer wishes. 

“We have several playlists from which the customer and employee choose the one they want”, says Blue Lagoon founder, entrepreneur Sini Virtanen.

Notice this when choosing background music for a hairdresser or beauty salon

If you want to make the most of background music, take note of the following tips:

  • Choose the kind of background music that suits the atmosphere of your salon. If the atmosphere is sophisticated, classical music or jazz might be the best for you. If your customers come in for a trendy cut or dye, the music should be cutting edge too.
  • Make sure the playlists include songs recognized by your customers. Familiar songs are key to influencing customers and will delight your employees during the day.
  • Downtempo, laid-back music is relaxing: if you know that your customers need to take a breath after a busy day, play something soothing.
  • According to studies, relaxing music will also improve sales. If you pick downtempo jazz or classical for your playlist, remember that it will often make the customers think that your establishment is dignified.
  • If your customers have to wait, make sure there is background music in the waiting area. According to the studies, it will make it seem like time goes by faster and keeps your customers happy. This also applies to waiting on the phone.
  • Experiment with the background music volume – background music does not need to be loud to be effective. Background music can influence us even when we are not paying conscious attention to it. Try to find the volume that covers up the noise of working but will not make it difficult to talk.
  • Switch up the music according to situation and time. The mood on a Friday evening or a Saturday can benefit from music that is different from that played on a Monday evening.

Which background music for a hairdresser salon?

Radio is an easy and quick source of background music and the wide selection of channels guarantees that you can find something that fits the mood of your salon. In Finland, there are also several background music operators, offering ready-made playlists for different moods or the opportunity to create your own lists.

Hair and beauty salons licence

hair and beauty salons licence includes both Teosto and Gramex royalty payments in a single fee, guaranteeing that the music makers and performers get their fair due. 

A legally mandated music licence must be acquired if you play music in the customer rooms of your salon. A music licence will allow you to play diverse music from various sources (radio, CD, streaming services for public performances, background music operators, etc.) and provides you with a fresh selection of music that is sure to include something that suits the atmosphere of your salon.

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